Rev bcfe1aa kotishe 9 Jul 07:56 Create
Rev 5d11c32 Zaffy 8 Jul 20:39 [World/Quests] Show proper dialogs in each stage of quest completeness.
Rev 3f964b7 Zaffy 8 Jul 16:00 [Movement/Player] Fix #1455 - Allow ghosts to waterwalk after teleport
Rev 697080a Zaffy 8 Jul 15:20 Core/Loot Fix some issues with loot
Rev 7688f1d Zaffy 8 Jul 02:17 [Core/Cleanup] Remove duplicate check in Creature::IsImmuneToSpell
Rev bd65872 Zaffy 8 Jul 01:53 Core/Maps: Fix Spline triggered assert (TC2 Backport)
Rev df3bd97 Zaffy 21 Jun 23:32 [Core/Crashes] Fix a crash (reported by Stepa)
Rev abefe71 Zaffy 20 Jun 15:57 [Spells/Chains] Fix #1436 - Broken SpellChains
Rev 8764779 LordUsagi 20 Jun 13:45 Core/Spells: Fix spell "Stuck", it should teleport you to HS location, not start position
Rev 10d59f7 LordUsagi 18 Jun 16:58 Core/Commands: Start command should teleport you to your races starting position
Rev ba2e156 LordUsagi 18 Jun 16:41 Core/Battlegrounds: Revive pets on player revive in battlegrounds
Rev bbf261b LordUsagi 18 Jun 07:07 Core/Spells: Correctly enter combat on resist pickpocket
Rev 8ce5511 LordUsagi 18 Jun 06:31 Core/Spells: Fix vanish not applying stealth
Rev 97f9040 LordUsagi 18 Jun 06:28 Core/Spells: Remove form related auras on shapeshift
Rev 5ea36df LordUsagi 18 Jun 06:24 Core/Loot: Hide loot sparkles when creature has quest loot for other players
Rev f58a855 Zaffy 17 Jun 19:51 [Core/Spells] Fix #1341, #1106 - Faerie Fire (feral) Visual Bug
Rev a87dc3c Arvid Gerstmann 17 Jun 15:52 fix player orientation after going through SW mage tower portal (#1433)
Rev 35a4331 Arvid Gerstmann 17 Jun 15:52 fix world script concatenation (#1432)
Rev e0d02ee LordUsagi 17 Jun 06:02 Core/Cleanup: pVictim -> victim
Rev c17afe4 LordUsagi 17 Jun 05:50 Core/Cleanup: getVictim -> GetVictim
Rev 3cd4cc8 LordUsagi 17 Jun 05:22 Core/Pet: Fixed pets not losing auras on joining arenas
Rev 57fb644 Zaffy 16 Jun 22:34 [Core/Pets] Fix a pet movement issue
Rev f1197bd Zaffy 16 Jun 22:34 [DB/Proc] Fix #782 - Improved Mend Pet Proccing
Rev feba891 Zaffy 16 Jun 22:34 [Mechanics/Procs] Fix #1231 - Proccing just applied aura
Rev 6cee290 LordUsagi 16 Jun 18:42 DB/Quest: The Abyssal Shelf
Rev ef680cb Zaffy 15 Jun 23:12 [Core/Battlegrounds] Fix #1310 - Bad distance calculations
Rev 18d0b89 LordUsagi 14 Jun 03:24 Core/Dungeons: Add proper checks for entering dungeons
Rev 88a1aaf LordUsagi 13 Jun 20:38 Core/Instances: Correct some code relating to instance entry
Rev d3489e8 Zaffy 13 Jun 17:29 [Core/Spells] Fix #1428 - Grounding totem issue
Rev d864a17 LordUsagi 13 Jun 07:21 Core/Spells: Damage Shields will now abide by spell immunity.